Douglas Says...


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Douglas Says... is one of the tri-state areas leading designers in women's wear and most sought after designer.  He's one of the best kept secrets in meeting one's needs, he always delivers with professionalism and perfection.

Douglas well know throughout the fashion industry for his specialization in stretch fabrics. 

Whether you are a plus-sized woman or a woman of a smaller frame, Douglas Says has the designs you need to make you look and feel classy, sophisticated, confident and sexy!!


 Douglas Says…has emerged with a new, fresh direction, which he calls


“This collection has challenged me from the very beginning, till it’s completion. This collection had me thinking and designing outside of the boxy-shapes currently available to this customer. I knew that I wanted to offer a collection filled with “D.S” essentials, staples for life if you will. The first thing I really wanted to redesign was the title “full-figured”, so from here on out it’s called “Plus-U”!

Many may know Douglas from his former work, which over the years we’ve quietly seen inside and outside (covers) of magazines, on celebrities, television, news and movies. Some may even remember hearing it said that, “Douglas Says…makes clothes like he’s hugging a woman and saying I love you!” Now, with the Plus-U line it gives the larger body type that same hug. He also said, “I find that the plus size market is a lot like the film industry, where as if there were just as many producers as directors, more could be done with greater choices available and so much wouldn’t be expected from one person, especially if it’s there first time up at bat. In no way am I sweeping my history under a rug, I’m taking it all with me. I’ll lose nothing in translation from what I’m known for. Before I even started sketching, my process started with me listening and hearing my sisters and girlfriends, who are no longer a size zero. So I come bearing gifts…requested gifts! I definitely didn’t want to restrict or limit her, anymore than she has been over the years.

One of my goals is to try and remove some of the old taboos about jersey / stretch fabrics, about them not being kind or friendly to their body types, like everything else it just has to be cut for you, with your body in mind! I’m totally aware that real women have curves, and that we as designers need to accept that fact and lend a helping hand in projecting those curves, and not hide, deny or flat out ignore them! So I’ve turned off the machine and I’m finally able to answer those calls…Which have by now become full on shouts and as a designer I can’t pretend not to hear or see their request. Why should these women have to sacrifice quality and or fit. Douglas Says… is presenting women with two gifts, the first being choice and the second being his signature shapeables…D.S

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best that I have too offer.